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Berkeley Lab Employees! We want you!!

Do you find yourself snapping photos/videos of your daily life here at the Lab? David Stein, LBNL Operations employee, captured our goats stampeding down the hill at our Blackberry Gate while sitting in traffic. He sent the video to Lyn Hunter in Public Affairs to gauge interest for TABL. The video was then forwarded to Kelly Owen for social media inclusion. With a catchy tagline and cute goats it was sure to be a success.

“Goats gone wild” was officially Berkeley Lab’s first viral hit on social media. The post to Facebook was picked up media outlets (CNN, NPR, Huffington Post, Mashable, NBC Bay Area & more) across the country and became an overnight sensation. Typically, posts to our Facebook page reach between 9k-20k people. With 20k followers, this is a great number. The “Goat” post reached 6.3 million people and boosted our engagement rate by 47,000% <—that’s not a typo. (Not on Facebook? No problem! You can view “Goats gone wild” on YouTube.

So…. This is where you come in. We WANT your content! We NEED your content! If you find yourself snapping a photo or video and think it might do well on social media, please send it to us. We would love to promote it as well as the “everyday” life here at the lab as witnessed through your eyes.

How to send? Email your content to us or upload to Dropbox/Google Drive and share with us.